Privacy Policy

Trivia Games Online

Trivia games online is a trivia games site devoted to kids, here one can find all sorts of trivia quiz games. Facilitating users at its best is our aim that goes behind all the work, and to make sure the privacy of the users is kept intact throughout the time they spend on the site. Here is data on what sorts of information we get and gather, how we protect your privacy and optimize your experience.


A cookie is defined as a small piece of text files, data and information such as user ID, username and so forth.
Trivia games online don’t have any login feature at the moment, therefore no sensitive data is collected. But we keep a track of the pages a user visits and enjoy so that we can optimize the user experience and suggest the kind of pages the one likes or may like. No sensitive data is compiled, no privacy is intruded on any user.


Trivia games online use Google Analytics, so that we can keep a track of all the content that our users like, views, shares, and spend their time on. With this piece of information we aim to bring forward the fun quizzes our users look for, and expect. This information is solely used to modify user experience with better features and content on the site productively.


Trivia games online ensures that all the data, audios, visuals, images, content and everything that can potentially be found on the site is children friendly and safe for kids to use. The site is made for kids under the supervision of experts on board to make sure everything on the site is safe for kids, and easy to use.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: [email protected]